Sunday, September 20th, 2020

8:41 PM PDT

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Site Inspections at the Mill River Condos

Your Board of Directors has authorized ASI to complete two (2) monthly site inspections at the Mill River Condos per the HOA management contract.

Please take a moment to refresh your understanding of the Community Guidelines found on this webpage under Rules and Regulations.

The areas that will be primarily enforced at each site inspection are:

  • Unauthorized signs posted in windows or limited common areas;
  • Unapproved window coverings or sun shades;
  • Personal items installed in the limited common areas (planters, walkways, etc);
  • Motor vehicles parked in the garage areas;
  • Pet owner’s neglecting to pick up pet waste;
  • Recreational vehicles stored in the parking stalls; and
  • Any personal item that is permanently adhered to the siding or railings.

The Board solicits your cooperation in keeping The Condos at Mill River Association an attractive place to live and a community in which we all take pride.  The policies set forth or reflected in the Rules and Regulations are designed for good community relations and to protect the investment of the unit owners.