Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

1:28 AM PDT

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Recycling Update – PLEASE READ

Mill River Condo Residents & Owners,

There have been some recent changes to the recycling program that you need to be aware of; Less is being accepted as recycling, and if unacceptable items are found in the bins, the Association (and therefore you) is now incurring additional charges if a load is considered 'Contaminated', as it has to be dumped as garbage. This may cause us to have to terminate the recycling program, which would be unfortunate. Please review the attached guide for what is and is not allowed:

Anything going in the recycle MUST NOT BE BAGGED. NO PLASTIC BAGS ARE ALLOWED IN THE RECYCLING. Any bags in the recycling automatically trigger it to be marked as contaminated. Also if you have grocery bags to recycle, those need to be taken to the grocery store, or to the recycling centers around town or the transfer station on Ramsey (which is free). Another common issue is boxes not getting broken down or stacked back on top of the bins. We get charged for that, so please take the extra time to get it in the bin.

One other thing that was just clarified for us, is that while most of Coeur d'Alene does not accept glass in the recycling, that our service actually does accept clean glass. Make sure it is fully rinsed/washed, and lids are removed.

For rental owners, please make sure to notify your tenants of this as well.

Thank You in advance for your cooperation, it takes the whole community participating to make this program work! When in doubt, throw it out!