Tuesday, August 11th, 2020

6:02 PM PDT

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“For Sale” Signs and Private Sales are Not Permissible

Spring, Summer and Fall seem to be the time that many choose to make the step to put their condo up for sale or conduct a private sale of personal items.  With this in mind, please make sure to follow the policy in the Mill River Condo’s Rules and Regulations as stated below:

Page 9 – Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Yard Sales, Moving Sales, Etc. – Private sales of any kind are not permitted in the Mill River Condos.

Page 12 – Signs – Signs (including but not limited to, commercial, for sale, political, etc.) are not permitted anywhere within the community (except for the developer’s signs as set out in the Declaration/CC&R’s) without prior written approval of the ACC.

Please be advised that these Community Guidelines will be enforced.