Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

2:17 AM PDT

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Parking in common areas “garage court yard”

It has come to the Association's attention that many neighbors are unable to enter and exit their garages because of vehicles being parked in the garage area.  Please be informed that the "court yard" area of the garages is Common Area.  This court yard was designed to allow easy access in and out of each condo unit owner's garage not for the parking of any vehicle.

There are many reasons for vehicles to park within our canyons (turnaround areas by the garages): moving vans, service workers, deliveries and carpet cleaners.  This makes it difficult when your neighbors need to get in or out of their homes.  This also blocks the way for any emergency vehicles.  While this type of parking is “strictly speaking” against the rules, it has never been enforced.  Hopefully we can continue to tolerate this type of parking, so please make sure that it is for a minimum time and it is obvious where the driver can be contacted to move the vehicle if necessary.  As for your car, if you need to park close to your unit, you have a garage.  Please do not park your personal vehicles in the canyon.

Therefore, as a courtesy to your neighbors and to remain compliant to the Mill River Condos Rules and Regulations, all condo owners are required to use the visitor parking and their own individual garage to park their vehicles.  Parking is not allowed in the Common Area garage court yard.

Thank you for your help and cooperation!